A friend is getting married and I had the honor of designing and producing their wedding invitation and guest book. I have yet to get around to photographing the invitation, but I got a chance to photograph the guest book this morning.

I came up with this design for the book because the couple’s cat means a lot to them and it would give the guest book an extra special meaning to them. After spending hours (literally) drawing a cat, I got it down. Then it was about a couple of hours of sewing. The cover is the same as their wedding invitation, tying in the eggplant and gold color theme throughout the wedding.

While there are quite a few things I would do differently if I had more time, but overall, I am pleased with the overall outcome. It came out close to the way I envisioned it; close but not close enough. The sleeves of the book had to be of the same paper used for the invitation, I had to think of a way to make an accordian fold with the standard letter-sized paper. The result added an extra benefit to the book: adding support structure for the spine.