I realized for a while now, I have been struggling to find “wants” for the “I want…” features. Turns out, I don’t really have a lot of wants. Sure I would like to have a new camera, phone, etc. But after I get the camera and phone I would like, what else? When I started this, I thought I would never run out of things to want, but the exact opposite has happened. I have run out of things I want. Is this even possible?

Sure occasionally, I would see something I would want, but upon further contemplation, I often realize, I don’t really want it. I just want to admire it for a time and then move on. I believe this habit of further examining the initial desire of possession is the by product of my self discipline practice a year ago when I did not purchase any clothing, shoes and accessories for a year.

For myself, I think it is better to want then to actually own the objects of desire.

I am playing around with other feature ideas to replace the weekly “I want…”, in the mean time, enjoy this beautiful photo of one of my favorite dish of all time, Som Tam.

Click on the picture to get the recipe.

The picture is from My Lemony Kitchen, where you can also get the fabulous recipe.

Som Tam is a beautiful salad made of unripened papaya, peanuts, limes, snake beans that makes the eater very happy indeed.