Today’s interview will be with Grey Jewett, a fantasy maker who brings the fantastical to life. You can purchase some of his other worldly beings at his etsy store.

ep: Could you please describe your creative process?
I wait for my muse, the spark of Inspiration to strike. Once she does, I start to design, this can be fast or slow depending on how strong the image in my minds eye is and how easily the wisp allows translation with hand to paper (usually I draw but lately I sculpt in Sculpy clay as much as I draw to capture that elusive dream image). Mostly these days the end form of the project is a 3D object.

At this point I might do many refining sketches and make notations of functions or details and color choices if it is to be a 3D object (sometimes this leads to story ideas and I write a lot forming the outline of a future novel). I tighten the sketch up if I am to do a drawing. It is an organized chaos.

At this point if I have a sculpture in mind, well then the quest begins. I attempt to gather supplies and materials that I will need to make a sculpture if that is the form the art will be. This is the painful part of the process as I am usually let down by art supply, craft, fabric or hardware stores as no one place has everything or at times anything I need. Junk stores are good. I go home disgusted and may make many of the elements I need buy hand. I fidget and fuss with the elements and slowly they form a symbiotic union and conform to my will. I try to capture the essence of the dream. Music is always on.

This goes on for an undetermined time and then suddenly something IS. It is like, but sometimes different than, the dream image. Sometimes better, sometimes not. Many times it is life size other times it is representative, a facsimile but it exists. It LIVES and I am pleased.
Then the process starts all over again. I never know when the muse will whisper, when inspiration will strike. I am always happy she does.

ep: What is your favorite piece you created and why is this your favorite piece?
My favorite piece is always the current piece I am working on and I am always working on a current piece. I have many that stay favorites over time. I love my works because they are brought into existence through me. A physical something that otherwise was not. It makes the eventual separation hard but I am content to have my work connect to another being in that “must have” way.

ep: If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to yourself 5 years ago?
I told myself “The road is long but the scenery is great, enjoy it and you’ll reach your destination happy.” Best advice I ever gave myself.

ep: Apart from creating/designing things, what do you like to do?
Read and watch movies. Listen to music. Spend time with my wife-to-be and our fuzzy kids (6 ferrets and 2 pugs). Spend time with friends and encourage people to go for their dreams.

ep: How did you start making fantastic masks, buttons & skulls?
I Started long ago but only in collage through the journey of materials, mediums and discovery, did I learn to realize my true ambition of making 3D creations with many of the above mentioned methods and materials. Around that time I met Lars Elling Lunde a unique and understanding sculptor, metal worker, hiltsmith and all around creative guru at the Tuxedo NY, Sterling forest RenFare. He became my mentor and so I was also taught to cast metal in higher detail than in school using the lost wax method. He knew I had too many of my own ideas, taught me the methods, and I shall be ever grateful.

ep: What inspires you/where do you find your inspirations?
Other creative artists. Talking with friends. Music. Fantasy/ Sci-Fi Novels and Movies. Nature.

ep: Coffee or tea?
Tea please, most definitely.

ep: What is your comfort food?
Pastry/ Danish or Strudel

ep: Do you have a favorite quote? What is it and why is it your favorite?
: All we see and all we seem/is but a dream within a dream – EA Poe.
It’s my favorite because it’s true.

ep: What’s in your freezer right now?
Dead things


Thank you, Grey for taking the time to do the interview with me.