Isabelle Geffroy at the moment. No, it’s more like a teeny weeny obsession. I absolutely love that you can see the pure joy in her face when she sings, and not many artists do that. Her voice is amazing but her unabashed joy in the music is what makes her stand out. So for that pure unadulterated joy in your heart, I heart you, Ms. Geffroy.

This looks like someone’s flat and look at the fun they are all having!

This is the song that made her big “Je Veux“. This is her “live” version, I like this better than the produced version.

There are lots of videos of her singing in the street and you can see how super talented she is.

I love all of her street vids, but this is my favorite. Because it truly showcases her raw talent.

*did I mention that I have a tad case of OCD?

Happy Friday!