I am going ga-ga over this amazing artist, Shinichi Maruyama. He is a sculptural photographer, you could also add performance piece into it too. His medium of choice is water.

His works just blew me away. These pieces are delicate yet strong, like water. He captured the essence and beauty of water so magnificently, I can’t tear my eyes away from it. Water is one of the life giving matter of this life, without it, we can not survive. We are mostly water, 61.8% water to be exact. Some of the pieces reminds me of life and human beings.

Seeing an artist using my favorite thing in the whole wide world as his subject matter, well, I suppose I could be a tad biased. But seriously, take a look at these and tell me if I’m being biased or not.

You can read an interview here.

This piece is not about water, but the calligraphy of this is amazing.

You can watch a movie of it here.