I subscribe to Hugh MacLeod’s site called Gaping Void. I enjoy his perspective on things as well as his humor. Got this one a few weeks ago and had to chew on it a bit. What is “healthy” love? That is the holy grail isn’t it? Does it even exist? I am not so sure, call me a cynic. But it is a lovely idea.


The truth is that there is no cost to loving in a healthy relationship. The ‘apparent’ cost only brings the loving individual more by growing in a thousand ways that they could never anticipate.

John Welwood writes poignantly on the subject and talks about the transformative power of relationships.

We all understand the idea of romantic love, but the power to change and grow through love is a way to discover our true nature.

Paradoxically, through loving we discover our own humanity, we grow and can begin to figure out who we really are.

Yes, Love without fear, regardless of cost.