Because I love food (in case you haven’t guessed) I love reading articles about other people who love food as well. This article in the Village Voice was a lot of fun to read, especially about Jackson, Buchanan and Jefferson.

Jefferson was also an avid gardener, no doubt because he can eat the bounty. The article notes that he was the Alice Waters of his age. He grew over 170 varieties of fruits and 330 varieties of vegetables on his plantation. He introduced eggplants and sugar snap peas to the United States. I can only imagine what his dinner table must have been like in the summer and fall.

Buchanan was very particular about the quality of his food. He knew the value of good butter. I can appreciate someone who can appreciate good quality butter.

Andrew Jackson kept wheels and wheels of cheese around the White House. His admirers gave him a 1,400 pound loaf of cheese for his second inauguration. He liked the gourmet as well as the rustic foods. I’ll bet if Andrew Jackson backpacked through S.E.Asia, you’d find him eating from the street vendors as well as eating at the high end places.

I would love to have dinner with these men and ask them their thoughts about food and eating.