A year ago today, I stopped buying clothes and shoes. What started off as a practical reason (no job) ended up becoming a personal goal. This also lead to not buying things I do not need.

The last year has been all about only buying what I truly need, not want. And a lot of times, for me, I am incredibly talented at turning something I want into a need, just so I can buy it. To avoid this temptation, I lengthened my usual time of the 48 hour wait period to a week. This past year has made me better about how NOT to turn a desire into a need.

Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty new things like everyone else. What I found very interesting was that I never once had a desire to go buy a new dress or shoes the entire year. I suppose it helped that before this, I was never much a shopper to begin with.

The hardes part of not buying something for me were, books. I failed in this. But, they were only four books and all bought at a second hand bookstore. The total of these four books cost less than $10. So, it was not as bad as it sounds, breaking my own rule about not buying books. And yes, I do realize it is still an excuse for breaking my own rule. (Having discovered that it is better not to beat myself over falling off the wagon, makes it easier to continue with whatever goals and resolutions I have set for myself.)

I have started paying attention to clothes and shoes again, but that desire to buy is no longer there. I thought that after the year, I would run out and buy myself a dress and a pair of shoes to celebrate the one year mark. Finding things I need in my own closet makes me happy. Granted, this doesn’t make me the smartest or the flashiest dresser, but then again, I never was.

I have realized lately, that I should start dressing up and smarter from now on. Rather than the plain comfy clothes, that are very often rumpled and frumpy that has been my signature look for years. And the best part about this resolution is that I already have “smart” unfrumpy clothes in my wardrobe!

This new goal to dress smarter was inspired by that insanely beautiful and lush movie “In the Mood for Love” by the talented Mr. Wong Kar-Wai. I have always loved this style; the dresses, the shoes and those gorgeous hand bags…*sigh*. While I do not think I have the chutchzpah to carry off this look, I would like to at least look very smartly put together, which means I will have to start ironing my clothes.

sexy. hot. luscious.