Keri Smith at Wish Jar is writing up a lovely blog about inspirations, art and life. Reading her blog, especially her quotes makes me very happy. Biased opinion? Perhaps. Since I’m such a sucker for the written words and I collect quotes like one collects baseball cards or action figures.

Many of the quotes are uplifting, her own rebel’s manifesto are very similar to my own manifesto of sorts. The first one being: do something that scares you on a regular basis. Going by this creed, I have often found myself in situations or environments unfamiliar and always came out learning more about myself then before. And this has taught me a very important lesson, to trust myself.

It is comforting to know that many artists before me have shared the same thoughts and fears. Creativity is often times a lonely pursuit, making us feel alone even though most times, we crave solitude. We are by nature, social creatures and no matter how hard we try to deny this aspect of ourselves, it is in our DNA.

We all pursue connections with the world and the people around us. Words are very powerful and it can bring us together or drive us apart. Words are the greatest seduction known to mankind. It is words that plants the seed of love and relationship and it can also destroy and hurt.

Herman Hesse is one of my many favorite authors of all time.