I’ve been drooling over some information graphics for years. The way these designers organized and visualized data is fascinating. Started reading up on this and hopefully one day I have a better understanding of data, statistics and the fine art of visualizing all that information.

Here are some really great and beautiful information graphics I’ve found online. These are just a few of many that’s floating out there on the internet.

The first one is called Information is Beautiful by David McCandless. I have loved his graphs for a while now, but never knew it was by him until now. Don’t you just love moments like this? While not all of his information graphics work, his overall graphics do work. It’s not easy visualizing and organizing information so that it’s easier to understand immediately. I think he’s doing an amazing job.

Second is Visual Complexity based in London. This site is a showcase of visualized networks, some complex, some not. I’m still working my through all of it, there is so much information to digest. But what I’ve seen so far, I like, I had no idea you could visualize any data, pretty much.

I have loved this map since the first time I laid eyes on it. It’s been my wallpaper for weeks. I love it because it’s laid out like a subway map and I have a thing for subway maps.

This is very cool. You get to see where your product is made and how it arrived to you all on an atlas. It has a carbon footprint and all that fancy green stuff, I just love it for the visual aspect of it.

And just because I love maps, these are from Strange Maps.

Look at this hilarious christmas card, images out of maps!