I went a little crazy today and made 2 beef dishes and cookies. For the beef dishes, it was Pot Roast (recipe from Not Enough Thyme, which I have posted before, here.) and a Korean soup dish called Yuk Gae Jang. Yuk Gae Jang is a spicy shredded beef soup with tons of vegetables and garlic. And oh yes, the red peppers that gives it that vibrant red and the kick that makes you keep coming back for more. This recipe is my mom’s, who is an amazing cook. I am very lucky to have grown up with a mother who can cook like nobody’s business.

The cookies were a recipe I am trying out for the first time, Danish Butter Cookies. I am still trying to remember where I got the recipe from.

The pot roast

Yuk Gae Jung

Unfortunately, by the time I finished baking the cookies, it got dark so no photographs of the cookies. And the cookies were a fail.