Been mulling over the quote below for a few days. I’ve jumped off into the void so many times, and always found myself landing on my feet. After so many tries, I guess it’s time I trust myself. And I do, but it took quite a few tries before I realized that the pain is only temporary. But it is fear that keeps people from jumping off.

Some people when they are afraid, they get paralyzed and become depressed. I used to do that, I used to get so afraid I couldn’t make a decision, couldn’t move. Then it occurred to me that it’s similar to having a sore muscle, usually you have to work through the pain and work out the kinks. So, I thought, why not take the same approach to fear?

Is it smart? I’m not saying jump off blindly. You have to make an informed decision, but you should never let fear stop you from doing something you want to do. For many of us, it’s easier to give into fear, but harder to face it and jump into it. It’s not easy but fear should never stop you. Besides, the worst thing I can imagine in my deathbed would be “what if…”