This post by UI Designer is hilarious (only because I’ve actually lived through most, if not all of this and I’m sure a lot of you have as well) and very informative. Wish I had known about some of this “How to fight back” pointers back then… Eh, live and learn right?

I laughed hysterically over point #5, “Wanting the logo bigger”. How many times have I heard this one and how many times have I tried to convince the clients, no, no, nooooooo. Sometimes, I succeeded and sometimes, I lost. I have used a similar tactic as mentioned in this post, but that never worked for me. The clients were so enamored of their logo, they couldn’t or didn’t want to see beyond that. You can argue only so much and have to just throw in the towel, as they say.

And how can we all forget point #6, clients asking for a rip off of a logo. Or a website design as well. This actually is painfully difficult to handle. How many times have I shuddered as soon as I heard the “Oh… something like this”.

Or the clients already having selected their own fonts, colors and the style by the time they come to you.